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Q2 2014 Form 41 Financials available

Q2 2014 financial and traffic data is now available in the Form41...Read More

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Available (Approximate)Next Update O&D Survey Products Q’1 1990 – Q’1 2014...Read More

T100 Domestic and Intl. Updates Posted!

T100 Domestic for June 2014 and T100 International for March 2014 are...Read More

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With 21st century online technology, Data Base Products, Inc. can supply your aviation data needs for a variety of USDOT traffic and financial datasets as well as global airline schedules. We are dedicated to providing the most convenient source of airline data with valuable tools that render the most accurate and cost-effective data available. We care about the timely delivery, comprehensiveness and integrity of the data that we publish. Our concern for quality means we do not simply give our customers the raw DOT data. Our valuable collection of robust tools, along with our unbeatable customer service provide aviation analysts an effective edge unmatched by any other airline data system.